Personal Stories

Anabelle is currently fighting a battle against ovarian cancer. Before she was diagnosed, she had “just about every test [done] on her”. She encourages others to have genetic testing to “prevent [their] children from having to go through a life with cancer”

Mona was the first member of her family to be diagnosed with ovarian cancer. After her diagnosis, she had genetic testing because she “knew it would make a difference for [her] children and siblings”. She was found to have a BRCA gene mutation and now members of her family have information to protect themselves and their children.

Andrea’s mother was diagnosed with stage III ovarian cancer. It was thought that her cancer was not hereditary because she had 12 siblings and nobody else had cancer. Her mother did have a BRCA gene mutation. When genetic testing showed that Andrea also had a BRCA mutation, she knew right away, “OK, I am at high risk, I’m going to do anything I can to reduce my risk”. She had prophylactic surgery to remove her ovaries at the age of 34.

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