How Is Genetic Testing Helpful?

Knowing that you have a higher than average risk of getting cancer can be scary, but taking a genetic test in order to understand that risk can also be helpful to you and your family for several reasons:


  • It can tell you and your doctors what type of cancer screening you should be having or if there are ways of reducing your chances of getting cancer
  • It can show you which family members may have a higher chance of getting cancer and which family members may not
  • In the case of ovarian cancer, genetic testing is an important step in clarifying and potentially reducing your risk of developing this deadly cancer


Many people are worried about genetic testing. Some common concerns include:


  • Finding out that the chance of getting cancer is higher than the average person
  • Not wanting to tell family members that they may have a higher than average chance of getting cancer
  • Concern or guilt of passing a gene mutation to children


Each person may have different thoughts and feelings about genetic testing. If you have any questions during the program, you can contact a genetic counsellor to talk about your concerns.